How Pedal Plan can help

  • Input Any Pedalboard Size

    Whether you've spent hundreds, built your own, or are only thinking of starting a board, simply input a size to get started.

  • Hundreds of Real Pedal Images

    Choose from the shelves filled with hundreds of pedals. There's a constantly growing list of companies onboard and Pedal Plan has permission to use real images of their pedals.

  • Drag, Drop, Rotate

    Rearrange your pedal collection with a drag and a drop. Rotate the awkward shape to squeeze it on, or delete it back to the shelves.

  • Custom Sized Pedals

    For that custom build, or long discontinued relic, custom sized pedals are easily dropped onto the board as a placeholder.

  • Save and Share

    Storing your creation is simple, stopping playing with Pedal Plan isn't. Coming soon, Sharing your board at the click of a button

  • New Features

    Pedal Plan is always evolving - right now we're working on a complete iOS redevelopment to allow for some amazing new features.

As for now this is great help for guitarist who would like to dream, plan, rearrange...etc. his/her army of pedals from a sofa.
Great for effects pedal geeks like me!
Makes me want more gear to recreate this dream virtual board

Take a peak inside

Pedal Plan: a virtual pedalboard planner

There's a few distinct advantages of "going digital" with your planning. Users of Pedal Plan enjoy...

  • No more constantly ripping velcro
  • No more forests of not-to-scale paper sketches
  • No more undersized pedalboards
Pedal Plan

Plan it on your favourite device!

Pedal Plan is available on iOS and Android.

The app has been designed with the iPhone in mind; scaled neatly on screen to see the beautiful individual pedal graphics, as well as fit loads of them on your virtual board.

That's not to say it doesn't look great on iPad, iPod Touch and Android. In fact, fully native versions are in development, so the experience will continue to improve with faster and smoother functioning.


Built by a Guitarist

Matthew is a 23 year old Physics graduate from the UK, currently working towards his PhD.

"I've been playing guitar for years now and of course during that time, I've built up a nice collection of pedals. Perfecting your tone is one thing, but trying to reorder everything when there's a new addition is a nightmare! When they're all stuck down with velcro and I'm trying to get them off... and there's always one that ends up getting stuck to the carpet!"

Pedal Plan was born out of a need for a simple way to think about your pedalboard. Nothing is simpler than planning it on the sofa, on the bus, or stuck to one of those giant rotating velcro targets at a fairground.

Pedal Plan